Purpose of This Blog and Information about the Author

My name is Will Nelson, and I own Latticework Wealth Management, LLC. I have been investing in the financial markets over 30 years. Additionally, I have worked in the financial services industry for more than 15 years.

It has been my experience that the financial services industry tends to utilize noise and complications to cause individual investors to be frightened. Well, investing should not be a “frightening” endeavor. It should be something that one learns and develops sophistication over time.

My goal in this blog is to assist you with the process of learning how to manage your own investments, or I would at least like to educate you in order to be able to ask financial services professionals intelligent questions. By intelligent questions, I mean that you are able to speak some of the jargon and not get confused.

Remember that “Knowledge Is Power” not “information is power”! Plus, most of your financial goals are measured in years and not months or quarters. Moreover, a retirement portfolio will need to last 20-30+ years given increased longevity.

Here is a brief summary regarding my background. Many writings about investing are written by self-taught investment gurus with little to no direct experience. My education includes a BS in Accounting, a Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance, and a Masters in Science in Applied Economics. I worked at a middle-market, full service investment banking, private wealth management, private equity, and asset management firm for 10 years. During my tenure I worked in Internal Audit, Performance Monitoring, Structured Finance, and Risk Management.

I have spent extensive time with Financial Advisors that managed well over $1 billion for high net worth and institutional clients. I was able to learn about asset allocation, financial planning, tax and legal advice, and performance monitoring provided to and demanded by these clients. Additionally, I interacted with large hedge fund managers in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, and Stamford, CT along with large asset managers. Their insights regarding individual security selection of stocks and bonds have been extremely helpful.

My background in various roles has augmented my experience investing over the last 30+ years. Keep in mind that investing during secular bull and bear markets (typical full cycle is 18 years or so) is quite challenging to say the least.

Most financial professionals and writers have learned about investing through reading about historical occurrences in the financial markets. Actually experiencing market events in real time provides a dynamic that cannot be replicated.

I invite you to stop in and take a look at my blog from time to time. I will try to give objective information and advice. However, I will admit that I am slanted toward passive investment strategies (e.g. ETFs or index mutual funds) and low-cost investing. We delve into that later though.

Will Nelson

Latticework Wealth Management, LLC


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