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The original blog post did not make it to all informational outlets. There is a deal on one of my books in the A New Paradigm for Investing series.

Latticework Wealth Management, LLC

Greetings to all my loyal readers of this blog.  How would you like to learn a better way to seek investment advice?  I list and thoroughly discuss questions you can ask prospective Financial Advisors when interviewing them.  Selecting someone to assist you with the process, which is so incredibly important for you, can be a nightmare of complexity.  By reading this book, you will be in the 95th percentile of individual investors in terms of the knowledge necessary to have the tools and information to walk into those Financial Advisor meetings and understand the discussion/jargon and feel confident.  This book on Amazon.com is available for download onto a Kindle.  Additionally, there is a Kindle app for iPhones and Android devices which is free to download.  Please feel free to check out the title below.  I have provided a link to make it easier.   My email address is latticeworkwealth@gmail.com should…

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