Hopefully you are having “fun” with my CNBC experiment thus far in 2014. The volatility experienced in the stock market has caused every other guest to seem in conflict with the previous guest in terms of the 2014 outlook. Just when the direction of the stock market has been deemed certain, some event comes along (ex. Dec jobs print) to get financial pundits to backtrack. Saving you the suspense, even the “experts” do not have a crystal ball or be able to read the tea leaves. If they cannot do it, should you even consider trying?

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I am looking forward to sharing more information regarding investing, finance, economics, and general knowledge about the financial services industry in 2014.  I am hopeful to increase the pace with which I publish new information.  Additionally, I am happy to announce that I reached viewers in 40 countries in all six continents.  Countries from Japan, France, Germany, and Russia to Ghana, Colombia, and even Nepal.

Since the number of my international viewers has grown to nearly 20% of overall viewers of this blog I wanted to allocate a short potion of this post to the international community.  Some of my comments are most applicable to the US financial markets or the developed markets across the globe.  If you are living in a country that is considered part of the developing markets, I would strongly recommend that you seek out information in your country to see how much of my commentary…

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