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Greetings to all my loyal readers of this blog.  In keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit, I have decided to make my first two books absolutely FREE for the rest of the week.  These two books on are available for download onto a Kindle.  Additionally, there is a Kindle app for iPhones and Android devices which is free to download.  Please feel free to check out the titles below.  I have provided links to make it easier.   My email address is

The books are as follows:

1)      A New Paradigm for Investing:  Can Your Financial Advisor Answer These Questions?:

2)       Spend 20 Hours Learning About Investing to Prepare for 20+ Years in Retirement

The first book listed is normally $9.99 but available for FREE until November 30th.  The other book is normally $2.99, but it is also FREE for the same time period.

I would like…

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