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I wanted to provide a link to a great article from Christine Benz at Morningstar.   The article is good in and of itself.  There is a great deal of information about ETFs contained therein.  The juicier part of the story is the comments below.  Christine participates in the ongoing thread of comments.  You will note that there is a “pesky” individual with the username: wmosconi.  Well, that is me.  I kind of started to egg the discussion on so to speak.  There were many Financial Advisors who wrote in to defend the full-service industry and the value they provide.  Now you do pay fees for their services.  Again, I will admit that there is definitely a place for Financial Advisors.  You just need to know what you are paying for in order to be an informed investor (really a consumer).  My comments relate to many of my past postings.  Additionally, the Financial Advisors bring up their opinions and debate the same topics.  I just wanted to give you a link that frames these issues in a unique way at a website that I have no vested interest in, or more aptly am not influencing in any manner.


 In terms of full disclosure, I do not work for Morningstar nor do I subscribe to any of their newsletters or research.  Morningstar is a service that caters to individual investors and provides advice on mutual funds, ETFs, closed-end funds, and individual stocks.  You may want to add them to your favorites list because the information is usually good and objective.  It is free just to register, and you definitely will learn a lot if you take a look from time to time.